The company specialises in precise laser beam welding for:

With you since 2003

  • the toolmaking industry,
  • the production of stainless sheet metal products,
  • surgical equipment,
  • orthopaedic accessories,
  • products for the pharmaceutical and food industry,
  • maintenance,
  • the electrical industry.

We are specialized for precise laser beam welding. Our services include laser connection welding and laser cladding. We have been providing the service of laser beam welding for many years now, ever since September 2003. Modern equipment, many years of experience of all of our assistants from the toolmaking industry and the technical assistance of the German company is the key to the quality of our service. We continuously endeavour to provide a highly available service as we are aware that, in addition to quality, responsiveness is a condition for the success of our customers. Quality and availability are being constantly increased with the most state-of-the-art equipment currently found on the market.

Our first laser beam welding device was made locally; in September 2004 we installed a new laser from a German manufacturer, which substantially shortened the production times due to its greater power and adaptability. We regularly monitored the development in the field and thus in the years 2005, 2008 and 2010 invested in even more modern and efficient equipment, which gives us shorter production times even when applications of material over larger surfaces are required. The improved feed equipment enables the laser beam welding of 4D workpieces, also of greater size and weight.