Advantages of our company Remic d.o.o.:

Long Experience in Laser Beam Welding

In Year 2003 we were the first in Slovenia to offer a service using laser beam welding technology. We keep up with the technological innovations in our field and always purchase the most up-to-date and efficient equipment; furthermore, we regularly educate ourselves. We employ assistants from the field of mechanical engineering, who are experienced in toolmaking. We constantly endeavour to help the customer solve the problem. We make sure our customers are satisfied, which is why more and more of them have been turning to us for many years.

State-of-the-Art Laser Beam Welding Equipment of German Manufacture

We use lasers from the German manufacturer Alpha Laser. We maintain regular contact with the supplier and keep up with the development and all the innovations in the field. We have developed our own devices and accessories that enable us to weld with precision and speed. Thus we can offer a favourable price even for the most demanding needs of our customers.

Good Knowledge of and Experience in Toolmaking

All employees have received education in mechanical engineering and come from the toolmaking profession. This helps us to understand the demands of customers and consequently to perform the desired procedures on parts of tools easier and better. Moreover, we can also advise on the method of repair or on carrying out a modification of the tool.


Our business hours are flexible. Opening hours extend to the afternoons and Saturdays. The majority of tasks are completed in a single day. You can reserve a date for more demanding procedures. In the case of smaller procedures and on prior announcement the service can be performed right away. We are closed only on Sundays and national holidays. During vacation times we adjust the business hours according to the needs.


The decision for laser beam welding is not always a simple one. We gladly give advice on how to prepare the workpiece so as to achieve the best weld and a quality and reasonably-priced product. In many cases the customers include us in the very development and construction process so that we can find the best solution together. If we see a better solution than laser beam welding, we advise on that as well.

Welding of Unique and Mass-Produced Products

The majority of our parts are unique parts for toolmaking, prototypes and maintenance. An increasing number of mass-produced products make use of the laser beam welding technology. We perform larger or smaller mass-produced welds for sheet metal processing, medicine, pharmaceutics, measuring technology, electrical industry and precision mechanics. Our advantage in the case of mass-produced parts is the ability to quickly manufacture the required mounting and feed equipment and various degrees of automation.

Option of Combining with TIG Welding

In the event of a need for application over larger surfaces, laser beam welding can be combined with TIG welding.

Option of Minor Manual Finishing Work on Workpieces

We provide manual finishing work on smaller repairs for customers who cannot do it themselves. We can make repairs even on shapes that are polished to shine. We can also repair – prepare workpieces for welding, make grooves, remove the phases and the like.

Competitive Prices

The prices of our services are competitive, even though our price per hour of laser beam welding is not the lowest on the market. Despite this, our service can be the cheapest: with efficient lasers, the best feed equipment and experienced welders we work very fast and with high quality. The most expensive work is a low-quality one that has to be done over. Customers who have doubts regarding the price are advised to request an offer, which we will prepare free of charge and quickly.

Various Welding Consumables, Hardness Values of up to 62 HRc

Welding consumables affect the quality of the weld and consequently the tool’s service life. Hence we offer a wide selection of materials and options:

Tool steel, high-speed steel, sintered steel, stainless steel, Ampco, aluminium, titanium, copper etc.

Equipment Capacity

Sizes of workpieces: from 0.05 mm to over 1000 mm.
Weight of workpieces:  1g to 1500 kg
Cladding applications: 0.5 mm³ to several thousand mm³
Diameter of weld spot: 0.2 mm to 2mm