Laser cladding - Toolmaking Facilities

Our services for toolmaking facilities include:

  • Correcting defects in the manufacture of new tools.
  • Modifications of shapes as requested by the customer.
  • Correcting inconsistencies in size.
  • Laser beam welding of engraved inscriptions on tools for modification.
  • Repairing damage and breaks in tools.
  • Closing slits – contacts when combining two inserts.
  • Laser cladding of heels for easier manufacture of inserts (e.g. with wire erosion).
  • Closing conduit channels for the tempering and cooling of tools.
  • Restoration of date stamps, optionally combined with engraving.

Our Advantages:
All employees have many years of experience in toolmaking. We offer advice in the selection of technology. We always have the largest selection of welding consumables in stock.